Monday, April 15, 2013


Yesterday we did a photo shoot at the Bluebell field near our house.  It is beautiful! We go every year to take some pictures. 
Here is a little update. Things around here have been really relaxed.  I have been enjoying the boys and snuggling my sweet baby.  

The baby loves to cuddle and he burrows into me in the afternoon after I feed him and I just snuggle him and enjoy every second while PB sleeps.  

PB has been loving his brother.  Baby started cooing and smiling and PB just loves to talk to him.  

I still don't have a blog name for baby.  I have a few contenders, but I'm still getting to know him. 

I am actually going to do a little sewing project this week. I am pretty excited. I'll share that next week.   

The weather is finally warming up and we have been taking baby on outside activities.  We went to the zoo the last 2 weekends. PB loves our little local zoo.  

Hubby has been working long hours but has been home so we get to see a lot of him. Love that he can work in our basement!

I haven't started exercising yet, but I want too.  It's tricky to schedule with when I am free from nursing and there is a Zumba class.  So far the 2 haven't happened at the same time. 

I also really haven't been cooking.  My MOMS Club has a helping hands program and I have been getting meals from friends 2 days a week.  It is awesome, it really takes a load off my mind.  And we have gotten some really delicious meals!!! These ladies rock :)

So hopefully I will be back a little here and there soon.  For now, I'm enjoying every moment. Well, not so much the ones in the middle of the night when the baby decided he is wide awake and wants to talk to me instead of sleep, but all the other moments. Even the poopy diaper ones :)

We took our first official family pic!! I used a tripod and remote to get this picture. Love my guys!! So happy!!!

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