Monday, April 22, 2013

Batman Cape

I finally did some sewing!!

PB's buddy had a birthday last week.  He is into Batman just like PB!
I thought a Batman cape would be a perfect gift.  
I used black knit fabric and a scrap of grey snuggle flannel for the Batman logo.  I chose knit because I didn't want to finish the edges (knit doesn't fray) and I wanted to to be comfy.  

I used black velcro to close it in the front.  The top I double folded over and sewed it down to have a sturdy neck that would stand up a little.  Also I needed something sturdy to sew the velcro to.  

For the logo, I did an image search and traced onto Wonderunder.  The logo was appliqued on.  

I didn't really use a pattern or tutorial to make this.  I just held the fabric up to PB and cut it based on his height.  The top of the cape is tapered and the bottom is wider.  PB is requesting I make him one with the leftover fabric, so I'll do some better measuring next time. Turns out sewing this week was tricky. I had to do some quick sewing when Hubby held baby at night. The baby didn't want to be left on his own for a few days this week.  He just wanted to sit with me and cuddle.  Luckily that little phase is over and I have been freed from the couch! 

He says hi!! 


KendasCrafts said...

looks great Kris! PB looks like a great super hero! I remember my little guy went through a don't-put-me-down phase. My solution was just to wear him in the baby sling (all day).

Kathryn @ Mamacado said...

What a cute cape! I understand the "no free time as baby doesn't want to be put down" thing. Still happening at 7 months. She's only happy on her own for 5 minutes or less I'd say. Oh well!

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