Friday, February 8, 2013

Orange crib skirt and sheet

I ordered an orange crib sheet on Amazon for the baby.  PB had an orange sheet too but the corners were ripping.  So I took his sheet and turned it into a crib skirt and got the baby a new sheet.  It is really hard to get a good pic of the skirt on the crib but it was really easy to make.   Maybe I should have taken a pic before we tied it on.  I guess in the nesting frenzy, I forgot :) whoops!  I got a few emails asking about the crib.  I got it on Amazon :) just like everything!!

I just measured the side of the crib and the height above the drawer and cut a rectangle a little bigger out of the sheet and serged the edges.  I cut 2 inch by 8 inch rectangles to make ties and sewed them to the top. The ties tie under the mattress to the metal frame.  When the crib is lowered, I can just tie the ties a little higher on the frame.  It was really quick and easy and it hides the stuff in the drawers :)

I am 38 weeks pregnant now.  My rings still fit and I don't feel like I am done yet.  I still feel good.  I got sick this week and I am on an antibiotic so that has taken some wind out of my sails.  No kitting a pile of baby hats this week.  I did a little sewing earlier in the week and made the push last night to finish 5 projects. I'll share next week.  
Hope you all have a great weekend!! I am super excited it's the weekend!!!


KendasCrafts said...

what a great idea to turn an existing sheet into a bed skirt! Looks great!

Diane said...

I was googling 'orange crib' and stumbled upon your blog - I admire your craftiness! I would love to know the model crib you have too - I love it!

Kris @ said...

Thanks Diane!
Here is the link to the crib on amazon:

We got it in 2008 and used it as a crib and toddler bed and now a crib again. we love it!!!

Diane said...

Thanks Kris! It's now on my wishlist :)

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