Monday, October 15, 2012

Basement progress and 5K

We made some serious progress on the basement yesterday. 
and here is where we are now:
Hubby took apart all the furniture and made a nice pile.  He also stacked up all the bins that have to be moved out.  He has everything together so he doesn't miss anything.  

PB was thrilled with all the extra space.

Now our table is filled with stuff that has to go.  

We also have a very large pile of stuff to go to the electronics recycling day next weekend.  Everything is ready to get loaded into my car.  I am really thrilled with the progress.  We won't mention my craft area.  It's pretty bad over there.  I need to spend some serious time over there getting that together.  I am going to do it after PB's costume is finished. 

Saturday I "ran" in the 5K for breast cancer.
The survivors threw up some pink balls, to "pass the pink."  It is an event that one of the sponsors, a delicious chocolate store, is doing this month.  
This is the start line with the balloons.  
Here I am lining up to run.  I only ran a little over a mile.  I mostly walked.  It turns out that maybe 21 weeks pregnant is too pregnant to be running.  The baby is just a little too big and it was very uncomfortable for me to run.  I had some serious round ligament pain in the last half mile so that was the hardest part for me to keep going.  I walked pretty slow through that.  But I did finish faster than over 450 women.  We won't mention the 1500 women that finished faster than me :) I truly love this race and I can't wait for next year.  I won't be pregnant, so it should be a much better race for me, and it will give me some motivation to get moving after the baby is born.  


Unknown said...

I think your blog is so cute, I'm glad I came across it!! I am an EMT and I just worked the Race for the Cure here in Reno a couple weekends ago. It was so rad! I loved the energy of the crowd and I definitely want to be a part of it next year. I wrote a blog post on it, too! :) Have a great week! Nice to meet you!

KendasCrafts said...

Very jealous of your finished basement! Awesome on the 5K. You completed it so you should be happy. That's more running than I did when I was pregnant. :-)

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