Friday, October 12, 2012

PB's orange coat

It finally got a little chilly here and PB got to wear his new orange coat.  I got it on clearance at Target last spring.  We also went to the best orange place on earth this week, a pumpkin patch!

PB didn't have school for 2 days this week so we went to a farm on one of the days. There was a hayride to the pumpkins that was very bumpy.  PB held onto my belly because he knew the bumpy ride was hurting me. He is so sweet.

This is the pumpkin he picked, all 20 pounds of it.  It was very hard for me to get it back to the car, but i managed.  In this pic his coat looks a little more red orange than orange.  

I am "running" a 5K for tomorrow.  It is the same one I did last year and trained hard for last year.  I signed up for this race in April, long before I knew I was pregnant. So there will be much more walking than running.  Especially since I haven't been running much because of all the barfing LOL! I am excited for this event.  It is such a moving run because it is all women.  They also do a survivors walk that is just beautiful and inspiring. I will try to take some pics this year.  I was so nervous about running for the first time ever last year that I didn't take any pics.  I did just have to buy some new workout clothes. This baby has made all my clothes too tight.  I hope you have a great weekend!!!

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Shanea said...

You were in orange heaven! The last picture of of PB is so adorable!

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