Friday, October 26, 2012

Orange pics this week

October is my most favorite time of the year! I love all the fall activities and the beautiful changing weather. So for this Orange Friday I thought I would share some orange things from our week.  No, I have not run out of orange things in my house to share :) there is still tons more!
My birthday was this week.  I am 33. PB wore orange for me :) Also we put a candle on the cake for every year.  Look at that glow off the cake! PB was very sweet to me most of the day. It was basically a regular Wednesday except we went out for an amazing dinner and had delicious chocolate cake.  

We carved our pumpkins last night.  Trick or Treat is tonight for our area.  I loathe that it is not on Halloween night.  It's like the whole holiday is over way too soon.  Oh and the best part is PB does not like to get dirty so he would only touch the inside with a spoon.
Hubby helped with our big pumpkin. We just carved 2 this year. PB painted one for school already.  My favorite part of carving is roasting the seeds.  Every year I burn them, but not this year! They are super yum!!!

I live on the East Coast and maybe you have heard of "Frankenstorm" that is going to hit us next week.  All the maps show the red line of the storm going by our town.  We are not buy ahead grocery people.  I do not plan meals more than 2 days in advance.  So that means I go to the store many times during the week.  So I went today to get dinner stuff through the weekend and some essentials that I thought would be sold out by Monday, like bread.  I also bought the most orange essential:
CHEESE CURLS!!! They are so delicious and when I am pregnant, I crave them.  I have held off on buying them this whole pregnancy and have only indulged in Spicy Doritos.  But I figured this was the perfect time to buy them :) We also usually don't eat things out of a can that aren't tomatoes or beans so I had to get some soup in case we lose power.  Our store wasn't too crazy this morning.  I think this weekend it is going to be absolutely nuts! And by Monday the bread and milk will be gone.  

The storm isn't supposed to hit until Monday so this weekend we are going to shove in all the rest of our favorite fall activities that we didn't get in yet.  We are trick or treating at our local zoo, going to a pumpkin patch to just take pictures, maybe picking up some apples, and if the weather holds on Sunday we are doing a corn maze.  Since PB was sick all last weekend, we missed a whole weekend of fun.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


KendasCrafts said...

We do trick-or-treating on a different night around here too. Fortuneatly for us it is only one night early this year. I don't really like the tradition either. good luck with the storm! i hope you don't need all the canned goods!

Shanea said...

Happy Birthday!! Cheese curls and junk food are all you need to weather any storm! I may or may not have stockpiled some marshmellows :) Be safe!

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