Friday, April 27, 2012

New orange wallet

I have had the same wallet for I think 6 years.  It hasn't looked nice in 3 years.  I have been casually looking for a new one that whole time.  I had a clutch that had card holders and I liked that.  I found this at Kohls.  I had a gift card and 20% off coupon and I got some new running shoes too and picked up some Kohl's cash.  So I think this wallet was basically free :) I love that it has holders for individual cards and it looks like a clutch so I can just carry it.  It might not be as roomy as my last one, my emergency lip gloss doesn't fit. But I am much more organized.  It feels good to open my wallet and be able to see everything.  The bonus is PB has a hard time opening it so no more rummaging through and messing everything up when I am not looking :)

I have a great weekend planned.  I am going to get out of the house by myself!! I am going with a few friends to a MOM Prom.  Another MOMS Club is organizing it. I get to get dressed up and have a nice night out.  I am excited!! I am also doing a maternity photoshoot for a friend who is due in a few weeks.  I have a ton of ideas and I can't wait to start shooting! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!! Thanks so much for reading!


Kathryn said...

Lovely blog, just stumbled over from another craft blog. :)

I looove getting a good deal, that wallet is so cute and what a steal!!! :D

Kris @ said...

thank you so much and thanks for stopping by!!

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