Friday, April 13, 2012

Surprise orange bag and a trip

I got a surprise in the mail this week!!!! I love when that happens :)
My Auntie L and Cousin D saw this bag and thought I would love it.  They were right, I do love it!!! oh and that is my surprise face :) The inside is lined with vinyl and it has a small zip pouch on the front.  This is going to be perfect for my travel stuff.  And perfect timing too because it is Bachelorette Party weekend for me and my BFF B!!!

PB and I went on an adventure this week...
We tagged along on Hubby business trip to Boston! It was a really good time.  I walked the whole city until my legs were about to fall off.  
I took PB to some fun places like the Aquarium and Science Museum.  We ate a ton of really great food.  PB even ate chicken satay for dinner at a Thai restaurant one night.  I am so happy he loves different kinds of food and is willing to try new things.  Also when you call it special chicken with yummy peanut dippy sauce, i think that helps :)

PB and I were on our own all day until dinner which we got to enjoy with Hubby.  We even went on a few adventures to some fabric stores.  I went to one that made me wish I lived right above it.  It is called Gather Here.  When I walked in the store I was drooling over all the fabric and beautiful yarn.  They had a class going on of young tween age girls learning to make a skirt.  It was the most inspiring thing I have ever seen at a store.  Some were focused on their machines and some were cutting fabric.  A few were picking fabrics out for their next project and their conversation was hilarious.  It just seemed like just the most fun place to be. I really want to get finished on PB's quilt after seeing those girls sewing.  I also picked up new fabric for the back... i'll share later.  I had a crazy week last week, now a crazy fun weekend and an even crazier week next week.  Hopefully I will be here to share some things next week :) happy weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the orange bag! Looks like you all had an awesome time. ~~~~ Catherine

Shanea said...

This post makes me happy....your joy about the bag, the trip and the store.. radiates!

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