Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Card swap

I went to another card swap last night! So much fun!! Here is the card I made:

I chose sympathy again.  I think the cards I made last time for sympathy turned out a little better.  I was on a time crunch and waited until the last minute to make them.  This is the first time I used paper on my cards.  Might be the start of something new :) I always make fabric cards.  I don't really have the interest to cut and glue little pieces of paper.  But the other ladies do and their cards are fantastic!!! They were so good this time.  It almost makes me want to try something new.  Maybe for the next swap :)

Here are some missed you, thank you, blank and a sympathy card.

Here are some thank you, blank, congrats, birthday, and Mother's Day cards.

The other ladies did a great job and I had such a great time last night!! Thanks ladies!!


Anonymous said...

I love these!!!!! You are all so talented!! ~~~~ Catherine G

Shanea said...

What a talented bunch you swap with. Your card collection must be amazing!

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