Thursday, November 10, 2011

My new friend

I am so excited about my birthday gift from my wonderful Hubby and fabulous Mom.  I have been talking about getting a serger for a while now.  When i was making all those baby gifts I was thinking how much simpler it would be if I could just serge the edges.  

Well I think this machine and I were meant to be.  It was an Amazon Deal of the month for October, just in time for my birthday. I have a basic brother sewing machine and I really like it.  

I will admit that I am a little intimidated by the machine.  I opened the front panel and was amazed.  It seems so complicated.  The machine comes with an instruction manuel and 2 CDs with instructions and techniques.  
The machine come already threaded.  I still haven't read any of the instructions but I thought I would try to take it for a spin.  I grabbed some scrap fabric and went to town.  It was so much fun!!! 
I can't wait to sit down and really learn more about the machine.  And thread it for the first time with matching thread.  Right now it is threaded with 4 different colors.  I am already scheming all the things I want to make.  I am so excited!!!!


Sam W. said...

you lucky thing! this looks like the perfect present for you :)

KendasCrafts said...

Awesome! I just got the same machine a couple months ago. You will love it. I was also intimidated by threading, but its not as hard as it appears to be. Also there is a cheater way to thread: Set the tension to zero, then tie the new thread to the old thread and pull it through. Have fun with your new friend!

Shanea said...

Cool. I am sure you will put it to goo use- I have a serger that I have yet to use cause I am so intimidated. Don't let that be you :) Serge for the both of us!

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