Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tutorial: Kermit Hat with matching Kermit Cowl

PB is so excited about the Muppet movie coming out tomorrow.  He has been talking about the movie for over a month now and every time we drive past the movie theater he asks to go see the movie.  We are taking him to see it this weekend.
When I asked him who his favorite muppet is he said, "Rowlf and Kermit and Muppets."  So I made him a Kermit hat and Kermit cowl to get him ready to go see the movie.

He loves this hat and cowl and he tells everyone he looks like kermit.  

I knitted the hat and the cowl is made from fleece.  

PB is doing Kermit arms in excitement! 
There is my handsome husband helping me with my photo shoot :)

Kermit Cowl Tutorial: 
I don't have pictures of the process, I kind of made it up as I went along.  

You need 1/4 yard of green fleece.  
1 inch piece of velcro
Cut 1 piece 3.5 X 17 inches (this fits my 2.5 year old)
Cut 4 triangles out of a double layer of fleece- they are 4 inches wide.

1. Sew 1/4 inch seam allowance around 2 sides of the triangle.  Snip the corner and turn inside right.
2.  Sew 1/4 inch seam allowance around the 2 sides of the triangle. 
3. lay the triangles equally across one edge of the long piece of fleece.
4.  Fold it over so the triangles are sandwiched in between the long rectangular piece.
5.  Pin triangles in place.  
6.  Top stitch around the whole rectangle.
7.  Sew velcro on.  

Kermit Hat Tutorial:
Size 9 circular needle and size 9 double pointed needled.
1 skein green yarn.
(I really like the vanna baby yarns for hats, this yarn was in my stash without a label, I have no idea what it is.)  
white yarn and black yarn for eyes

Cast on using the long tail method 68 stitches.  (This fits my son's 2/5 year old head)
Then knit for 7-8 inches.  You can use a stitch marker to keep track of where you started.  Now it is time to decrease.  Separate the loops onto 4 double pointed knitting needless.  There will be 17 stitches on each needle.  Then you knit across the needle and knit the last 2 together.  Do this on every needle until you have 4 left on each needle.  Using a needle feed the yarn through the loops and tie it off. 

To make the eyes:
 Cast on 12 stitches using the long tail method.  
K1, K2 together, knit rest of row
P1, P2 together, pearl rest of row.  
continue until there is only 5 stitches left then bind off. 

Make 2 for each eye. One is the front and one is the back.

Sew the pearled sides together.  The knit sides should be facing out.

Use the tails left from knitting the eyes.

For the eyeballs I took black yarn and just made stitches until it looked like a circle.

After I had the circle I started stitching to make the shape of Kermit's eyes.

I tucked the black yarn in back.

Both eyes finished.  

You can see the placement of the eyes here. Kermit's eyes are more to the front than on top.  I sewed them almost the whole way shut and then stuffed them with a pinch of batting and sewed it shut.  I used white yarn to sew the eyes onto the hat.  

Phew! I'm beat!  
The hat took a few days to make and the cowl took like 15 minutes.  If you have any questions, let me know!!

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Claire Cooper said...

This is sooo cute. I love it. I'll be visiting more often to see what you're up to.

Shanea said...

Awww, how cute!! Does he love it too?

Anonymous said...

Super cute! I'm a new follower :)

Sam W. said...

you did not make this!!! SO cute! i'm always impressed. happy thanksgiving, friend :)

Unknown said...

That is too cute as is your boy! I found your blog through a link party. So glad I did, your very talented! I am following you now! Hope you can stop by my blog and visit or stay a while :) happy thanksgiving!

BargainFun said...

I love it ! So Cute www.bargainfun.net

KendasCrafts said...

that hat is awesome!!! We took my son to the Muppets for his first movie and now he is obsessed with Kermit. Thanks for the hat pattern!

Nicole said...

best. thing. ever! :)
I'll be checking back to see if you come up with any more of the muppets.
so cute!!!

Emily said...

So cute! I actually have the hat ready to go, and have to do the eyes tonight, I really like the way you did yours.

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