Thursday, July 28, 2011

White Pizza

Lately when I make pizza I have been making a double batch of dough so I can make this white pizza.  It is crazy good and so addicting.  
I use the Basic Dough Recipe and that makes 2- 14 inch white pizzas. 

I top it very liberally with olive oil and then liberally sprinkle garlic powder, salt, and oregano.

PB is crazy for this pizza.  He eats it face down so all the flavor hits his tongue first, pretty genius.  As I write this post, he is yelling, "white pizza!!!" at me when he sees the pictures.  

We enjoy this for many days after pizza night.  I especially like it with a Caesar salad.  

You know you want some :)

1 comment:

Sam W. said...

oh man - YES PLEASE. i love anything pizza and he totally has the best idea of face down. genius little boy :)

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