Friday, July 1, 2011

Orange key holders

Here are our orange dog butt key holders.  Who doesn't have these in their house?  If you have never seen them before, they are from IKEA.  A few years ago they made them in orange.  Confession: when IKEA was phasing out the orange ones I may have bought 4 more.  They aren't hanging anywhere in my house, I think they are in my coat closet.  I have a problem.  (I just went to the website and they are pictured in orange again.  More might jump into my cart when I go there next!)

Happy 4th of July, Americans!! We don't have big plans for the weekend but we are going to cook yummy things on the grill.  Hubs started making his chicken a new way and I am addicted.  We are going to see a minor league baseball game with 3-D fireworks after the game.  I don't know what 3-D fireworks are but I know we get to wear glasses!  Hubs is off for the long weekend and we are dog sitting.  I am so excited about dog sitting.  We used to have a dog and I absolutely love cuddling with a big dog.  I might have to make him something special while he is visiting :) If I can stop hugging him :) Happy weekend!


Sam W. said...

these are too funny!! have a lovely weekend :)

Shanea said...

I think Ikea brought them back just for you ;) Have an awesome weekend!

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