Monday, March 7, 2011

Reorganize 2011: PB's Closet

The clutter shark is visiting!! While she is here I needed her help attacking PB's closet.  The closet is large, it just wasn't working for me.  There was no way to organize anything. 

My Mom is an organized person, I am not.  But I have found that if I have a organizational system in place, I can maintain the illusion that I am organized :)

Here is PB's closet before:
(haahaa look at PB, he's like "what's going on?!")

We took everything out of the closet including the shelf:

Then we put in a closet system.  The kind that is wire and is hung off a track:
We added more shelves and the best part is it easily adjusts so it can change as he grows.  

And here is the glorious after:
Look at all that space!! Now I have room for toys on the floor and I still have to get an empty bin up there for the clothes he grows out of.  There is a super high shelf that you can kind of see the bottom of and that has the infant tub, toddler rail for the crib, boppys and other baby stuff that we won't need until we have another baby.  I finally have the diapers and wipes off the floor and on the shelf and I can see exactly what I have.  
(Sidebar: if you have to buy diapers, you know you can sign up for a subscription on right?  you can have them show up at your door once a month and you never have to go to the store to buy diapers again! Check out Amazon Mom for more details.)

The closet system we bought at Lowe's and it was not hard to install.  You do need a little muscle to get the screws into the studs.  That can be pretty tricky when you are working over your head.  We worked through the morning and then after nap and a little bit after dinner so we had it finished in one day!  


Sam W. said...

oh my word. huge improvement! great job :)

lauren said...

i flipping love organization. it's amazing what a little change can make. it looks great.
diane kruger lights up my life...

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