Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reorganize 2011: Coat Closet & Update

This past week I crossed a bunch of things off my list!  Whoohooo!! My coat closet has been a pain in my butt for months.  We don't just keep coats and shoes in there, I also have my kitchen towels, cloth napkins and microfiber cloths in there.  I have an orange hanging organizer for them, but even that was getting cluttered.  It doesn't help that I like to hide things in there when people come over.  

Here is the scary before:

Hubby and I donated a few coats and some pairs of shoes.  We also donated a bunch of gloves and scarves we weren't wearing. Before I had shoes in the foyer because there wasn't room in the closet.  When I would take anything off the shelf a bunch of stuff would fall down too.  It was a mess, I was thinking I needed to put a closet system in there to make it better. Turns out we just needed to get the crap out of there!!

Here is the spacious after:

Our shoes are paired and lined up in the organizer instead of being shoved in.  I moved the tablecloths I rarely use to my entertaining closet in the basement.  That made more room for my kitchen towels and microfiber cloths.  Most of them are in the laundry pile right now, I am almost looking forward to washing them and putting them away... weird.  One of the biggest changes is we have empty hangers and one side of the shelf is completely empty.  I think I am going to store my portable files up there, once they are organized :) 

The clutter shark (my mom) will be here in one week. YIPPIE!!!!! I want to get almost everything done before she gets here.  Mom is going to help me with PB's bedroom.  We are going to install a new closet system and reorganize the whole room.  She saw how disorganized I was at Christmas so I want to impress her with my progress.  I don't have a lot left but I am realizing some of the things won't get done until after my deadline, and that is OK.  I gave myself a finish date so it would keep me on track.  If I am left with 3 things to get done, that they will go on the spring cleaning list.  At least when I am spring cleaning I won't have to spend time organizing!!


Sam W. said...

girlfriend, this looks awesome! great progress. i feel inspired to tackle one of our many messy closets :)

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

clutter shark!? bahahahaha! love it! too funny

that is one baller orange organizer... you make me fall in love with that color over and over again! <3


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