Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween costumes

I love making Halloween costumes.  I have been looking forward to it all summer.  PB decided in July he wanted to be Batman.  When I asked him if he wanted his baby brother to be Robin, his whole face lit up with excitement.  
My hubby had the best idea for a photo shoot location.  It turned out to be the perfect backdrop. 

PB's costume was pretty simple.  It's basically black leggings and a black long sleeve t-shirt. I used black felt to make "boots" and arm cuffs and yellow felt to make his belt.  They are all attached with Velcro.  I sewed him a cape using black knit.  The Batman logos are just yellow knit attached with wonder under. I found his mask in July on clearance at Kohl's, it was a lucky find!
JB's costume was easy too.  I bought the red onesie (it was free with my coupon at Carter's!!) I made the knit pants using a pair of his pants as the pattern.  There is a yellow band at the top of the pants to look like his belt. His pants are sewn shut at the bottom so his little feet wouldn't get cold. The cape is just held on with Velcro.  I attached the Robin logo with wonder under.  

JB needed a second costume. His first costume couldn't be a superhero, it needed to be food!! PB was a carrot his first Halloween. 
We sometimes call JB the banana grabber.  He gets his hands on everything!!! So a banana costume just seemed to fit him! He did not want to take pics so I took them anyway.  I had everything set up so I quick took a few pics even though he was the saddest banana. I used fleece and the black is knit fabric.  I just made the pattern up and used one of JB's sleep sacks to get the arm holes the right size.  It is attached to some PJ's with Velcro so it stays up.

We got some amazing pics with the boys in their superhero gear.  PB didn't know about the mask until we started taking pics.  He was so excited, he had the biggest smile on his face!!

PB is so excited about his costume.  He loves to do fighting poses in it.

I made him a trick or treat bag to go with his costume.  I didn't finish it in time for our neighborhood trick or treat but he got to use it at school and at the zoo trick or treat.  


KendasCrafts said...

What adorable super heroes! And an incredibly scrumptious banana. Love the photo shoot location! So cool!

augenscheinlichkeiten said...

I love the costumes you sew for your boy. The Banana Boy is so cute!

I'm just working on "Shaun the Sheep" :-)

Greetings from Switzerland,

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