Sunday, October 27, 2013

Disappearing act

Sorry I disappeared off the internet like that.  I really thought when preschool started for PB, I would be a wash in free time.  I have 4 mornings a week where I have one less kid and I still manage to do nothing creative.  
JB turned 7 months                                      He just turned 8 months

I am in a funk.  I don't feel like sewing or even cooking new recipes.  I have made a few but they weren't worth sharing. Maybe it's because I feel like I spend my entire day feeding a baby or making food for the kids.  I am nursing 5 times a day, making his baby food and he eats that food 2 times a day.  And then there is the bottomless pit that is PB, he is always talking about what he wants to eat next or is eating.  Sometimes he does both at the same time.   

My free time has been focused on family activities.  We crossed everything off our Summer Bucket List and I made a mini Fall Bucket List.  We have been spending our weekends doing some fall fun.  Today we are crossing another thing off the list.

While I nurse, I think of all these great ideas and then I see my disaster house and know those things have to wait.  

How can you spend a whole day cleaning only for the house to look no cleaner the next morning?  I have been reorganizing closets and getting rid of my maternity clothes and somehow it looks like a tornado hit our upstairs even though we have less stuff.  

I guess if I could solve all these things I wouldn't be in a funk.  I do have a project planned with my mom this week.  We are installing a closet organizer! Also I made Halloween costumes and I will share those this week too.  

I woke up early this morning for no particular reason and decided to come down and write this post.  Within 30 seconds of me sitting down at my computer PB was on his way downstairs and made a huge giant noise and woke the baby. Awesome. Guess the day of constantly feeding humans starts again!

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KendasCrafts said...

I hear you, Kris! It's hard to find free time , and as soon as you do the kids find out and search you out. Lol cant wait to see your costumes!

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