Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PB's I-Spy Quilt: Finished!!

I finally finished PB's quilt!!! Remember how I finished the quilt top in one day!! Remember when I got these fabrics back in September? I am so happy I joined the Spoonflower I-Spy Swap over at Crafterhours!! 
 I was so excited to see it in use that I snuck in during nap time and snapped a few quick pics.  
I usually can't sneak in his room without waking him up.  
So I never get to see this cute sleeping face snuggling with his puppy.  Ok enough of that, back to the quilt!

Here is the full i-spy quilt front.  I followed Care's i-spy quilt tutorial.  I had to do a little math because my squares were a larger size.  I decided not to do a border.  I actually bought border fabric but it didn't really do anything for the quilt.
Also, I used a thicker batting which made for a little trickier quilting. There are a few wonky parts where the fabric got stretched.  I am so thrilled with how it came out! I love the grey and white that I picked.  I am really happy with how it made the I-spy squares stand out.  

Here is the back.  I love how the quilted pattern shows on the back.  I have been hand sewing the binding on for the last week or so.  I finished the quilting before B's wedding and It has taken that long to get the binding done.  I will say that hand sewing the binding is my favorite way to finish.  It is time consuming but when I look at my binding and can't see my stitches that sew it together, it is so worth it. 

Here is a closeup of the houndstooth binding.  It might be my favorite part.  
 I really love how the binding pulls the white and grey together without taking attention away from the i-spy squares. 

I loved doing the i-spy swap with Crafterhours.  I have always wanted to do a swap but some of the i-spy squares you can buy at Joann are so ugly.  At spoonflower they all just seem so pretty.  If you are wishing you could have been in the swap, you are in luck! Susan has compiled a set of i-spy squares and they are for sale here!!  She also has labels that say "A is for and B is for" and you can pair them with an i-spy square.  I am definitely going to incorporate those the next time I make an i-spy quilt.  I do have a ton of squares left over, so that is a future project.  


Shanea said...

Looks amazing! I love the houndstooth. Nice job, Mommy!

KendasCrafts said...

Looks great and I love the binding! (also love your little guy's hat!) I spy quilts are so fun!

Mermaid Sews said...

Love this quilt! Adorable little guy. How big is the quilt? How old is your little guy? Wondering how big and when to make mine.

Unknown said...

Wow, wow, wow! I love it. The Spoonflower squares look so great against the light gray. And that houndstooth binding is FAB! I have got to get my quilt with the generic squares finished so I can play with the Spoonflower ones. Seriously, the others look so inferior next to the Spoonflowers.

Manda said...

I have a confession, I have a spoonflower addiction. I was in this swap, and I've bought the Crafterhours set. I've been in smaller spoonflower swaps. I plan on making this exact quilt, except making it as big as I possibly can... but time... time... time. I love the grey, I love the houndstooth! Is that a linen grey that you used? I was thinking of using denim essex yard dyed linen. Haven't committed to anything- yet.

Kris @ said...

I am glad I am not the only one who is obsessed!! the grey is actually from joann fabrics. It is light grey with specks of darker grey and white. It is the regular quilting fabric. I love that you are going to make a really huge quilt!!! i am now wishing that i went bigger with this quilt. I just realized he will only be in this bed for a few months before moving to a big bed. It can always be a cuddle blanket :)

Kathy ~~~ said...

Great Job! I love the grey... good choice for this quilt. What size squares did you use?

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