Friday, November 4, 2011

Orange Tray

This is my orange tray from IKEA that serves as a background for my cake platter.  I have had this tray for over 9 years.  It has always lived on the countertop trying to orange things up. We have never had a nice backsplash in our kitchens so I guess I feel like I need to try to make that space pretty. One day, hopefully soon, I will have my dream kitchen with a lovely backsplash.  

This is yet another example of something orange at IKEA that somehow jumped in my cart and came home with me.  I am embarrassed to say that I have only used it as a tray a handful of times.  

Also I just had to share this pic of PB.  We got our Entertainment Weekly yesterday and when he saw Kermit he went nuts.  He is so excited about the new Muppet Movie.  He might be as excited as Hubby and I are to see it.   There is a big pic on the inside with the whole cast and PB pointed to Jason Segel and said, "There's Marshall!" He is the only kid I know that when he asks to watch Barney he is talking about How I Met Your Mother!! Happy Weekend!!!

1 comment:

Shanea said...

His reaction is so cute! I am trying to think of things that make me that exuberant....can't come up with much :)

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