Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chicken Gyros

A friend of mine was talking about making her own pitas and tzatziki sauce.  Less then a week later, Jen over at Beantown Baker posted recipes for chicken gyrospita bread and tzatziki sauce.  That was a huge relief because I was dreaming about warm homemade pitas. I didn't follow the chicken recipe (it looked delicious) I just didn't have the ingredients in the house to do it.  I just grilled mine with garlic powder, fresh lemon, black pepper and oregano sprinkled liberally on both sides. My husband makes the best grilled chicken, so I let him work the grill.

It was a very easy meal to make.  I made the tzatziki sauce the day before and made the pitas in the oven while my potatoes cooked.  My hubby sliced the chicken really thin so one chicken breast filled both our pitas.  
That leaves the other 2 breasts in the pack for a quick meal!

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