Monday, April 28, 2014

The start of something big

Hubby and I moved into our house about 6.5 years ago.  When we looked at the house we liked the layout and it didn't need any work but we both didn't love the kitchen. There is a ton of counter space which is great. We like to cook together and we quickly found out that the layout we have doesn't work for us at all.

Hubby will occasionally say that "it's the year we are doing the kitchen." On Wednesday last week I told him IKEA had a sale that was ending over the weekend just a few days away.  He asked me if i thought I could draw up plans so we could go Saturday morning. I was a little worried but spent the next two nights and nap times with the IKEA planner. 
My Mom came over too to make sure I was thinking of every possible thing.  She is awesome at this stuff and we had a great time putting the final touches on. She even caught that 10 inches I was missing! Fat finger error in my favor, we will now have a bigger pantry! (If you do this yourself bring in a fresh eye to measure and double check everything!)

Saturday morning we were at the store ordering everything!!! The sale as 20% off!!! Too awesome to pass up! While we were there we found out countertops were also 20% off so we picked those out too!!!! I am beyond excited. I can't believe this is finally happening!
Of course we have nothing else figured out.  We are moving plumbing and some electrical.  We want to do some of the project ourselves but need help of a contractor for some things.  I still have to call him and line it all up.  
The new layout is so exciting to me! I have been thinking about it for the last 6 years and came up with 2 possibilities.  The first idea that I was totally sold on just didn't fit in our house.  The second layout works much nicer in our space and I'm going to have space for bar stools!
I look forward to the day when we sit in the living room and this kitchen isn't our view anymore.  I know it is going to be a long, hard road that will start when they deliver everything in a few weeks.  We have to assemble every cabinet.  We are also doing new floors throughout the first floor.  I am beyond thrilled to get to finally make some decisions.  It's only been a dream up until now! 


Shanea said...

How fun! Good thing your Mom was able to help you tweak the plans. She is a real asset to your family. Can't wait to see the new kitchen.

Joshua Daly said...

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