Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Moon cupcakes for PB's birthday party

PB had his birthday party at a local science museum.  He chose a space theme so I wanted to do fun cupcakes to go with the theme.  That's where Beantown Baker's Oreo Cupcakes came to my rescue. Oreos in the cake and the frosting! YUM!!  I used a buttercream frosting instead and mixed chopped oreos in there to make it look more like the moon.  I ordered the american flag toothpicks on amazon.  

PB was super excited with how they looked but the best part is how delicious they are!! The kids and adults were having love affairs with these cupcakes.  Get in your car and get these ingredients and make these cupcakes!!! And make them for some friends, they will love you forever!
Birthday boy loved them!
Here is a peek at the food table.  I made homemade mac and cheese and we had a pretzel tray and veggies.  

These are the favor boxes.  I made the rockets in Illustrator and downloaded a free spacey font.  I really love going somewhere for a party.  We did it last year and just ordered all the food. Making the food was a little bit more work but worth it.  I love cooking for people!

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