Friday, November 15, 2013

Cluttersharking the Coat Closet

My coat closet was a disaster.  I reorganized it a few times and even started switching out coats at different times of the year but the closet was still a disaster. 
The before.  This is an old pic, the cluttershark doesn't like to wait to take a before pic when a project starts.  She jumps right in and starts ripping things to shreds.  

Here is the pile of crap from the closet dumped into the playroom.  I love showing off a good mess. Here is the mess I am looking at while writing this post:
It has looked like this for weeks. Hopefully posting this pic will get me to clean it up tomorrow.  Back to the closet.  

We emptied the closet and took off the doors.  We also removed the hanging shelf that went across the top of the closet and patched the holes.  

My Mom is the best and for my birthday she got me the stuff to hang in the closet to organize it. She gives the best gifts!! Here is a look at what we installed.  I also got to use a circular saw to cut down that shoe rack so we could fit them both into the closet across the floor.

Here is the after:

So much better!!! I did send a few pairs of shoes up to my closet and some went to the big shoe store in the sky.  PB also has a space to hang his coats.  He has a little coat rack in our foyer but it was full.  Now he just has the one coat he wears most often on his little coat rack. I have even been putting my shoes away in the closet.  There is no giant pile of shoes in the hallway.  It's been really awesome! Happy Friday! Hope this inspires you to take on a problem area in your house this weekend!!! 

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Shanea said...

She is amazing!
Happy New Year!! Hope the boys are good and you enjoyed the season.

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