Saturday, July 20, 2013

I've been cluttersharked!

What?!?! A post about a project?!?! It sure is!!

Hubby was away 2 weeks ago.  The Cluttershark (my mom) sprung into action and wanted to attack my basement storage areas while he was gone.  We have 4 storage areas in the basement.  2 are small closets and the other is connected but I always think of it as 2 separate spaces, maybe because we usually can't walk through it easily.  
This is one of the few before pics I have.  She just starts attacking clutter and doesn't wait for a before pic lol. This is one part of the larger storage space.  Those yellow bins and their contents are now gone.  
Here is the after space.  We can actually walk into it!!

Hubby likes to be prepared and the cluttershark likes to be organized.  She had this organizer in her house left from the previous owner.  Surprisingly she couldn't use it so she brought it over to us and it fit perfectly in our large storage area.  It organizes our emergency stuff.  
Here is the other side of the completed large storage area. If you keep walking though it connects to the top 2 pics.  All our painting stuff is well organized on the shelves.  
These are the 2 small closets that are next to each other.  The one on the left is our "baby closet." We keep all the kid stuff in there.  The one on the right is my "entertaining closet." I keep my kitchen overflow and party stuff in there.  it works much better now after getting rid of a bunch of stuff.

Here is the pile of stuff that we got rid of.  In there was my lava lamp from college and I had 2 bins from college I never unpacked.  They are now gone! I really was ready to get the crap out and was excited to have a more useful space.  

My Mom and I also hung a wall of picture frames. 
The basement is kinda bare.  

Now it looks so much better. I had these frames in a box so it was free decorating. They have photos in them from my Senior Thesis.  I was a photo major and my thesis was a body of work for a gallery show.  I am going to replace the pics with some family pics.  I haven't done that yet :) lol I used those 3M velcro strips to hang, i am addicted to those things!!

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Shanea said...

Wow! She is a keeper :) Everything looks much better as is always the case. Hope you are doing well!

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