Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Surprise Bridal Shower

At the end of March I threw a surprise shower for my BFF, B. I had a ton of help from her mom, future MIL and her aunts.  They helped me make all the food and this shower wouldn't have happened without them.  
Here is B and you can see the centerpieces I made in this pic.  I have made them before and turned them into sheep.  I got the idea from Whipperberry.   

Here is the invitation I sent out:
I made it in Illustrator.  Sorry you can't see all the text, I removed all the personal info.  I had them printed 4 to a page on heavy card stock.  

I will admit that it was so crazy keeping the party moving that I didn't take many pictures.  

Here is the room all decorated.  There is a clubhouse in my neighborhood that was perfect for the party.  It was nice an convenient.  

One of the shower activities was to decorate a quilt square.  There were paints and markers and stencils and squares of fabric.  Then we had a few examples out there and some people made there quilt squares ahead of time.  There are a bunch of quilters in B's family and B quilts too.  This was her idea.  I made my first real quilt square ever for her quilt.  It was all purple :)

I made a circle garland to go over the mantle.  Such a easy project, just cut a bunch of circles while you watch 30 Rock and then sew them together.  

 Here is the room all full of party guests.  All of the aunts made different salads.  There was pasta salad, potato salad, turnpike salad, broccoli salad and a regular salad.  Then we had meatballs and roast beef sandwiches.  I sadly did not get a picture of all the food.  Sorry!

I did remember to get a pic of the desserts!! 
 Everyone made the cookie they are known for.  There was a ton of cookie there! YUM! I had quart size ziplock baggies so guests could take them to go.   

I made tags for everything.  I glued pieces of sparkly purple and white paper to clothespins.  I wanted to have all the labels printed so they would look really nice, but a purple marker was all there was time for.

For drinks we had sangria, wine, sodas, water, coffee and tea.  It was a really lovely party and the best part was working together with the family to make this party for her.  

I found my bride to be headband from 8 years ago right before the party.  Oh and to get B to the party I told her I needed help picking up my MOH dress, which I really picked up 3 weeks ago and kept that secret from her.  Then, I "got a text" from a friend who was "renting the clubhouse" and her kid spilled juice on the rug already. So we had to bring the steam cleaner over. So I made B carry the steam cleaner into her own shower :) haahaa, she was totally surprised!!


Shanea said...

Sneaky, sneaky! I love how you got everyone involved with the party- so much love went into everything and it shows!

erica said...

Wow! What a beautiful shower! xo

shower party said...

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Drew Watts said...

Hey!! Hannah’s bridal shower looks really awesome. She is looking so beautiful. Well, I am also planning my sister’s bridal shower at one of NYC wedding venues. So have been looking for best ideas for the day. Want to make her day a memorable one.

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