Friday, May 25, 2012

Orange Planters

Check out the awesome planters Hubby found for me for Mother's Day!!!
I honestly don't know how he can keep finding awesome orange things.  He really shocked me with this one.  When I opened the box, I knew they were for plants but I didn't know they were designed to go on a railing.  How freaking cool is this!! 

Our house is mostly white with some grey stone on one side and a dark grey front door.  I love grey and there is nothing more I like with grey than orange.  Look at how they pop off the house!! I am so freaking excited about them!!

I was going to plant just those silvery white plants in there.  Isn't it terrible that I don't know the name of any plant?! I mean they came with a tag and I still don't know what they are called.  Anyway, I had to plant some orange flowers in there, I just couldn't help myself.  Nothing goes with orange better than more orange!!

I hope all you Americans enjoy your long weekend! I know I will.  I am going to try to cross 2 things off my massive to do list. I really hope I can do it.  My deadline for everything is in 12 days and I am a little stressed about it! Hopefully next week I will get to share some finished projects with you!! 

 We planted our garden yesterday, so I will be watering it with our rain barrel. And we are dog sitting this weekend too! YAY!!  Happy Weekend!!!


Shanea said...

Ok, those planters are beyond fantastic! They look great. I never know plant names either so I had no problem with your description :)

Mike said...

Wow! Joe is great at finding cool orange things... these are soooo cool!

Stephanie said...

Love your blog. These are some of the coolest planters I've ever seen. Love the modern feel and happy orange color. Any chance you could ask your husband where he found them or the brand name? Thanks!


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