Monday, May 23, 2011

Fabric Bins Tutorial

These are the fabric bins I made my mom for Mother's Day.  I looked online for tutorials, but none that I found were exactly what I wanted.  I really wanted to have a color band at the top and for the sides to be quilted so I started from scratch.  

Let's get started! There are a lot of steps but this did sew up pretty quickly. 
Here's what you need:
 (this will make 2 large bins with some leftover)
1 yard exterior fabric 
1 yard lining fabric
1 yard fusible fleece
sewing machine, thread, needles, iron, etc.

FIrst let's make the circle.  My 2 bins were 10 inches and 8 inches.
First cut a 10 inch square (or how ever large you want your circle)

fold it in half on the diagonal and match up the corners.

fold it in half again

And then fold it in half one more time.

cut a slightly rounded curve taking the top triangle off the circle.  

Here is what it looks like cut.

Now you have a circle.

Use this circle to cut one out of the fusible fleece and lining fabric.

Now you need to know the circumference of the circle.  Here is how you figure it out.  

Circumference= 3.14 * the diameter.

my circumference-
31.4 inches =3.14 * 10 inches

I made my 10 inch circle bin 10 inches tall.  
Cut your fusible fleece 10 inches tall.
Cut the exterior fabric 1 inch shorter
cut the lining 1 inch longer

Here were my cuts:
fusible fleece: 10 inches by 31.4 inches
exterior fabric: 9 inches by 31.4 inches
lining fabric: 11 inches by 31.4 inches

Sew the exterior fabric to the lining fabric right sides together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance..

Iron the fabric and the seam to one side.

Lay the fusible fleece on top.  make sure it lines up with the bottom and it should cover the lining fabric by one inch.  Iron in place according to the fusible fleece instructions.  

Fold the lining down and iron the seam.

Iron the fusible fleece onto the exterior fabric circle according to the instructions.  

Open up the side fabric and quilt through the exterior fabric and fusible fleece.  I set my machine to a longer stitch and slowly sewed some swirls across the fabric.  Please do any pattern you like.  

Here you can see my quilted pattern.  One part I forgot to photograph is that I did stitch in the ditch between the lining and exterior fabric.  

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together and match the seam up.  Pin the whole side and sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Leave a space on the lining fabric to turn the bin right side out once the bottoms are sewn on.

Next we need to find the centers of the sides and circles.  fold the circle into quarters and mark the folds with a pin.

there will be 4 pins in the circle marking the quarters.
do the same with the big piece and the lining circle.

Match up the pins.

Once the pins are matched up, pin the whole circle together.

Also pin together the lining side. 

Sew the circles on with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Pull it through the hole in the lining.

Sew the hole shut. 
Maybe use a matching thread.  I would like to say I did this for the picture, but I was too lazy to change the thread :)

You're done!! i ironed the whole thing when I was done.
I hope that was clear.  If you have any questions, email me :)

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Sam W. said...

you have some serious talent! did my pinterest invite come through?

Moquelish said...

That turned out so nicely. I am hoping to make some of these for my daughters room. Thanks for sharing.

heather {WhipperBerry} said...

Fantastic project!! I featured you over at WhipperBerry today!


~Iffy~ @ StayAtHomeNation said...

Thanks for linking up, looks fabulous! You're so creative =D Please be sure to enter my giveaway too going on until Sunday night =D Thanks!

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